How to fix battery draining issue — 5 Ways to increase your LAPTOP Battery

APL Manikandan
3 min readJun 13, 2021


Here is are a few easy tips and tricks that you can use to get more out of your laptop’s battery.

If you have been experiencing reduced battery backup on your laptop compared to when you started using it, the reason may not be the quality of the laptop but something you have been ignoring for a while. All day-to-day tasks you thought could easily be carried out on your laptop take a toll on its battery. Thus, making it drain faster and showing a performance dip. However, you do not have to worry as there are a few easy ways to get more out of your laptop’s battery.

Not so bright
Most of the time you do not need to turn your brightness to its maximum level. With most of us working from home and not in a well-lit office space, turning the brightness down will not affect your ability to view the contents on the laptop’s display. It is a possibility that most of the laptops have two function keys to help you increase or decrease brightness easily. If your laptop does not have these buttons, you can simply go into the Settings > System > Display.

Use Microsoft Edge browser
There have been multiple memes around Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. However, Microsoft claims that the Edge browser saves a substantial amount of battery percentage when compared to other browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox Browser, or Opera.

​Don’t wait for battery to drain
Most people have the habit of either keeping charging cable connected to the laptop all the time or connecting it when the battery is critically low. Avoid these things to increase the longevity of your battery. When the laptop’s battery is below 20 per cent, it puts a strain on it and results in reduced charging capacity.

Turn off keyboard backlights
Until and unless you have a gaming laptop with red backlight or working in a badly lit room, you don’t need keyboard backlight. You can simply turn off by pressing a function button on your keyboard or turn it off from Windows Mobility Center.

Longer battery life or best performance
If you are doing regular office works and not using heavy software, it is recommended that you simply switch between these two power modes — ‘Best battery life’ or ‘Best Performance’. You simply need to click on the battery icon in your taskbar and find the right balance between saving battery or best performance.

Battery saver
Similar to your android and iOS devices, laptops also use battery saver mode once the battery percentage reaches below 20 per cent. You can check if the battery saver is on by simply going into Settings > System > Battery. When the battery saver mode is activated, email and calendar syncing, push notifications, and apps from running in the background are disabled.

Unplug unnecessary devices
When not in use, you can unplug unnecessary devices like webcam, external hard drives. You can even disconnect a mouse when the laptop is in sleep mode as it consumes battery as well.

Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
When not in use, you can turn on Bluetooth and wi-fi. This is doable for those who do not have a wirelessly connected Bluetooth or speaker. Also, you can turn off the Wi-Fi if you don’t need the internet to do your work. You can simply turn it back on when in need of sending a mail, surf the internet, or something else.



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